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Iceland empty mood again

This post I didicate to one of my friend Victor (http://victormfernandez.com/home.html) with whom I used to have  long daily talks for the last year....about nothing and everything: places, images frozen in time, smells, tastes, sounds, childhood, relationship, trips, future, past, love, desires, doubts, movies, books, fears, sometimes deep and sometimes stupid conversations, which could have people who work long hours together. I do hope that this year he´ll finally go to Iceland to get the ispiration and strength he needs....in my case the image of Iceland visits my memory again and again especially these winter empty days

MARIA ROCH and her winter inspirations...

It´s always a big pleasure to work with Maria, mostly because I really appreciate persons who know what they exactly want, no doubts, no hesitates...steady, ready, go! But also I am deeply in love with her style distinguished by minimalism and deconstructivism, comfortable shapes, feminine spirit and her delicate perception of freedom and lightness... so here it is: MARIA ROCH autumn winter lookbook:
Model: Leyva, UNO MODELS

Hair&Make up artist: Yulia Bulashenko

Одиночество в Сети

— Тебе сегодня ночью кто-нибудь расплетет волосы или сделать попрочней?

— Не расплетет, потому что находится далеко и даже не знает, как мне этого хочется. Но делай так, как будто он расплетет.


Today moments

These are the pics from today

I tried my first summer fig and enjoyed the first week end with Marina...

He never chooses an opinion

 I love this man for his greate thoughts and his authentic beauty... I think he was extremely handsome even being old. It´s a pity there is no so many authentic beauties nowdays...

He stated that he was an anylist of human nature who sought to understand the hidden laws of  the consciousness

"If there existed no external means for dimming their consciences, one-half of the men would at once shoot themselves, because to live contrary to one's reason is a most intolerable state, and all men of our time are in such a state".

Lev Tolstoy 

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