We have been living with our repaired rocking chair for a couple of months, but I have thousand things to do before than put a new entry on my blog. Shame on me, guys!  We found it in the street, the previous owner has thrown it out, abandoned it uncaressly and we adopted it in our vintage flat. It´s hardly visibly expressed its age, but I guess it has no more than 40 years.  It took long hard desperate hours to removedamaged seat spindles by tapping them out with a hammer and punch, apply a finish stripper to remove the finish, remove it with a putty knife, bleach it, paint it and to give it an ancient look.  But it was worth the efforts. The most beautiful idea was to cover the seat with the picture of the hands of my boy friend I took before, cute idea:) Am I right? So I printed the picture on canvas and then we stuck it with staples and nails.

Now my rocker is so good as new. Sit back, relax and rock away with a glass of white vine…

and some details: